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Our Services

Beatrix.IO is a US-Based provider of Remote Support and Technical Services

We offer Unique Products can be Tailored for Home and Small Business

Remote Technical Support

Internet Connection Required

Single Support Sessions

Single Session - $50
2 Support Sessions - $90
3 Support Sessions - $130

Subscription Support Packages

Monthly Checkup - $50/Month
Weekly Checkup - $100/Month
On-Call Support - $250/Month

All Subscriptions Cover Two Computers,
Please Call for Specialized Rates

By Choosing to Continue,
You Have Agreed to the Terms of Service.

Consulting and Development

We offer all the Tools you Need to get your Small Business Off the Ground

  • Web Technologies
  • Phone Solutions
  • Custom Development
  • Management Services for your Small Business
  • Long Term Planning and Infrastructure
  • Advice and Real-Time Support for Your Home Business

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Private Email Solutions

Personal, Secure Email Service for $3.65/Year
Connect with Your Favorite Client or Webmail

No Advertising or Direct Marketing Means,
We Don't Read Your Email

Host a Single Account or Your Whole Organization

Coming Soon

Adblocking Services

Block Advertisements for all Devices on your Wifi

  • Works on Phone Apps, Web Pages, Youtube and More

  • Block advertisements on all your devices at once

  • Save Bandwidth and Get things done Faster

Monthly Service for $5/Month
One-Time Setup Fee - $55

Coming Soon

Cloud Phone Plans

  • Make and Receive Calls from a any Number Transparently

  • Use a New or Existing Number with Local Area Codes

  • Create Great Impressions with Professional Menus

  • Get Voicemails in Your Email

  • Custom Solutions Made to Order

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